Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Family Ties

Tri Chord Music Group is proud to announce its co-alignment with "Family Ties Gifts & Yogurt" in downtown Moultrie, GA. We will now be exclusively providing live entertainment beginning August 12th, at 6:00pm. Now you will have a place to eat, drink coffee, listen to quality live music AND have some yogurt at the same time!

By popular demand, the featured artist kicking off the grand opening will be Kristin Skeen Brady!

Come join us for a yogurt and a song!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dream Focus

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I was in a meeting yesterday with the executive director of AMP Academy, as he was talking about the syllabus, and the different tracks, he began to talk about focus. While we where discussing developing the different tracks, it became  exceedingly clear how important staying focused was key to reaching your goal. Keeping the main thing, the main thing, is the main thing. 

In this multi- faceted space we live in, it can be extremely complicated, and distracting due to all of the different pieces needed to make it all work. These distractions can rob you of your dream, by getting you caught up in learning all the technical pieces of the business, while important,  can totally distract you from the main thing.

If your a writer, write. If your deal is sound, learn your skill, publishing learn the business of publishing and so on. My point here is; develop your main interest first. Don't allow the peripheral distractions to derail you. I'm not saying you don't need to learn about all the pieces, I'm just saying get good at what your good at, then add the pieces. I hope this short blog has helped you to see the importance of staying focused. I wish I had more time to continue writing , but have have some pieces of my own to get to. My final thought is; Hold on to your dream with all you've got, and never loose focus on the main thing.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The End Of Music

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The end of music

Yes it's true, music will end in 2018. There will be no more songs, singers, writers, musicians, concerts. dancers, videos etc. Radio stations will shut down, MTV, will become a shopping network, tour busses will be sold to old folk homes, music instruments will be scrapped to make cell phones, groupies will start following computer geeks. Yes the world will no longer exist as we know it.

Ok that's not totally true. However the music business will never be the same. Radio is changing their formats, record labels are shrinking, The digital age is driving a new vehicle to promote more creativity and diversity in how music is made and distributed. We welcome this new change and look forward to seeing what this new generation is going to do with this opportunity for change.

It's your music, it's your businesses, and it's up to you as to what it will look like in the future. I believe we are going to see a creative revolution like we have not seen in decades. I'm the biggest cheer leader for this new energy. Come join us at as we support the revolution.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Tri Chord News


We are excited and blessed to announce Tri Chords advisory board members! It's official John Edwards president of Triangle furniture, Roy Reeves, owner of Reeves Properties, and Scott Demott of Demott Tractor Company. Each one of these men have been highly successful in their careers as well in there family lives, and in their personal relationships with God.  They are also highly involved in their Church , and community.
We are so honored to have them on-board with Tri Chord and look forward to their advisement as we begin our journey together in the ministry of music. Once again guys thanks from the Tri Chord team. Welcome aboard!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Friday, June 17, 2016

Tri Chord Team Collides

The Tri Chord team collides! Yesterday's rehearsal was a collision of hearts between John Emanuel and Kristin Skeen Brady at the rehearsal for John's concert on the 26th, in Cordele, GA. Their unbelievable voices paired with the perfect blend of harmonies, only secured by the anointing of God, took them to new heights of worship rarely experienced these days. Stay tuned as this united family entices the element of surprise with their respective ministries.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lost Tunes


Lost Tunes

Lost tunes, or should I say looney tunes? Where do you think your songs go when you post them on iTunes? It's really simple: they go swimming with the other 22 million songs in the river of drowning tunes. How can you save them? I would like to hear your answer. Believe me, there is just have to have the right life preserver.

Simplicity is genius! The answer to this question is not rocket science, nor is it trickery. It's plain ol' rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. Most people I talk to about this topic, seem to be paralyzed by it's ramifications. Remember when you were a difficult it was to begin to ride a bike? The same goes here...once you learn, it's very simple. The one thing you have to remember is if you stop pedaling, you will fall. Yes, it's that simple!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Tri Chord Breaking News

So, you sit around thinking you've got it all figured out! Then God says, "you're not even close!" Well, today is one of those days. Not only does Tri Chord have two incredible artists, John Emanuel and Kristin Brady, signed to the group, but also now a third!

Kristin Brady will now be known as "Kristin Brady with Palisa Harris". While this is a solo project for Kristin, Palisa will play a major role as a co-alignment with the Brady project!

The Tri Chord family is unique, in that we are all interdependent to each other, fulfilling the call of God, to be the body of Christ!

Yes, we're excited! You should be too!

Did I mention that Kristin will be backing up John Emanuel on June 26, 2016?

For details click on the link below.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Perfect Storm


If you ever saw the movie 'The Perfect Storm" you will understand what I am about to share. Working with Kristin Brady has been like the storm with all of the ingredients coming together to ignite the fuel. We will be announcing tomorrow when the front will hit. If your a friend or fan of Kristin's stay tuned! Your gonna love this!!!

To Support Kristin financially  click on the button below.

Kristin Brady Joins Tri Chord

There is no doubt God has blessed Tri Chord with the opportunity to work with these two beautiful talented Godly Ladies, and I do mean ladies. Their humility, and love for God is only complimented with their amazing gifts of singing, and desire to share their love of Jesus with the world.

Gary, and I are both stoked, and our fire is lit to guide them through their careers in the music industry. That world can be tough, but we hope to soften the road with  over fifty years of hands on experience in Nashville, doing the deal. If you would like to support them financially  as they begin their ministry of music , just click on the button below and give from your heart.