Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I have a secret

I Have The Secrets

OK, I'm going to give you the holy grail, the short cut, the secret formula to everything you need to know about recording music. But you have to promise not to tell anyone. It's way easier than you would have ever imaged. I learned this secret formula from a Grammy award winning producer. I had a lunch with Grammy award winning producer Matt Still yesterday. Matt is currently working with Sir Elton John, and has worked with everyone from outcast. to Santa, and many more. So, I asked him the proverbial question. How do you get such a great sound? We talked about everything from the mic chain, to mic placement for drums, to the size of the room and tape as opposed to digital and all of the different platforms in between. Man did I get some good stuff. I guest your ready for the secret formula? I'm getting there. Be patient!

During our discussion we talked about the different schools on audio engineering. I love his comment on interns fresh out of school with their fancy degree. He said, when their looking for an internship he tells them "the only thing hey are qualified to do is bring him coffee", Believe me that's not arrogance talking, that's years of experience. I have worked with many interns fresh out of school in my career. While they have a great grasp of the technical side, most don't have a clue on how to manage a session, or how to handle the talent, and all that comes with it. So my point is, it takes years, and hours upon hours to master this craft. You must pay your dues to get the goods!

Undoubtedly, some of the best sound engineering I have ever listen to has been a direct result of Mr. Stills work! So I'm going to give you the secret formula he so freely gave me. In a minute! Here's my advice , work hard ,work with passion, and don't give up before the miracle! HERE IT IS , STRAIGHT FROM MATT.  THERE ARE NO SECRET FORMULAS! I will be writing a part two blog, soon to explain why he said what he did. Stay tuned there is some great info coming, that you can carry throughout your career as a engineer.

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