Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lazy Hit's Don't Happen

Much like the mad scientist above , the music business is full of inventors running around trying to find that secret potion that will change the music business and their lives forever. Well, their ain't no such thing. Success comes in the form of hard work. That's the skinny! The reason most miss it is, it's dressed up in overalls and looks like hard work! The good news is, you can have it if you put in the time.

Once again meeting with Matt Still yesterday, I had lot's of questions and was opening the answers would make me a Grammy award winning producer just like him. In listening to Matt it was very re- affirming, you become successful by doing what successful people do, Work Hard!!!!! Apply yourself to your craft and never look back.

 We where talking about mic techniques, Matt confidently shared, to quote him; "I will share any thing I know with anyone if it helps. On the topic of setting up instruments he stated. I can tell you how I did it, and you can do exactly the same way, but most likely it will never sound the same". You see, it took Matt years of mixing to acquire his ear for music. While his techniques are extremely valuable, you still have to develop, and spend the time to truly get to know sound, There are no short cuts, quit trying, your just wasting your time. Enjoy the journey of learning your craft, in the end you will look back, and go, WOW WHAT A LIFE!

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