Friday, May 27, 2016

Romancing The Music Business

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I'm In Love With The Music Business

I just met this new girl named music. She is drop dead gorgeous! I think I could marry her. I'm gonna ask her out and see what happens. So let me tell you how it went. Our first date could not have gone any better, it was off the chain. We did all of the things we both loved to do and it was nothing but fun and excitement. This incredible joy went on for months with out a hitch. Then one night I wanted to go to a football game but she wanted to go to an opera. You would have thought I had started world war three. Wow, this isn't as fun as when we first started dating. Sound familiar. I think you know where the story goes. There are two endings and two truths. Truth one, if you where really in love and was willing to do the work it takes to hold on to the love of your life, you could live happily ever-after. Truth two,,if  it was only the romance and infatuation, it will all blow up and end in a train wreck.

I have seen many break ups in the music business that ended in divorce , and never to find that love again. My point here is not a point of discouragement, but a point of encouragement! You see if you really love this business you will be willing to put in the work that is necessary to make it work. I promise there will be many trials and tribulations on this road but if your truly in love you will find a way to make it work. Don't quit before the miracle, it could be tomorrow.

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