Friday, May 27, 2016

Studio D

Ten to fifteen years ago you had to have a huge space with millions of dollars of recording equipment to make an album/CD/ to compete in the commercial market. That day has disappeared along with dollar a gallon gas, and cavemen. Today's studios are smaller, less expensive with technology that rivals the imagination. The one thing that has not changed is you have to have the talent, producers, engineers and passion to make it happen.

Studio D owned by Gary Dibenidetto is exactly that, and more. With over thirty years of experience, as a studio musician, producer, and engineer in Nashville he can make it happen.  Gary's attitude of perfection, and creativity is second to none in the music industry.

While having  the studio, and the talent to make it happen is of utmost importance, there is much more that has to take place to make it  happen. Gary is now Co - owner along with Grady Shuman in the Tri Chord Music Group. Tri Chord is a multi faceted music group that offers all of the pieces to put the puzzle together.

Grady has over twenty five years in Nashville, as well as the Atlanta music scene, writing, producing, as a musician. A&R, publishing, social media, Marketing, management, and more. Our team is ready to serve you. From building your song, to your website, and   getting your project to the right people.  We have all of the pieces you need to make it happen.

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