Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jacuzzi Songwriting Method

The Jacuzzi Method

There are many methods of teaching various musical endowments. They all have cool names, so for the sake of this blog I'm going to call my method of songwriting the Jacuzzi method. You may ask why? I'm glad you did. First ask yourself what are you looking for when listening to a song. Is it modality, beat melody, warmth, heat, peace, uplifting, spiritual, emotion, production? Everyone has some payoff their looking for when listening to a song, and there are as many differences as there are people. 

The Jacuzzi method as a writer deals with sitting and soaking in the song as if you where to be engulfed by the bubbles. You must be surrounded by the song, embedded in the lyrics locked into the melody, while engulfed in the emotion. Songwriting is a craft and you must bring all of your tools with you in order to build a song. If you leave out any of the fore-mentioned tools you will not be able to finish constructing your building.

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