Saturday, June 4, 2016

Tree Sound Interview series

While producing a session recently at the world Famous Tree Sound Studios I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Paul Diaz the owner . Paul has a wealth of knowledge on the inside track of the music industry that is second to none.. So I ask him how many Grammy nominations, and wins have happened in studio A, his response was I've lost count.Wow! We dove in and begin to talk about how the internet has changed the face of the the music industry forever. We both agreed while it's not like the good old days, it certainly is exciting, and there is certainly  a bright future in this technological world we live in for anyone  who wants to dive in.

As this series of interviews begins, you will  learn more about the  in's and out', up's and down's of where the industry is heading, and you can either go with it, be apart of the trend, even create the trend, or go back to your garage, and start jamming. The opportunities are unlimited, so lock and load, and shoot for the stars!

Stay tuned for the Tree Sound Series !!!!!


  1. Oh yeah we def don't want to get left behind in the new era of technology!!